Strategy Distribution

Distribution has, in the main, four strategic focus areas that are based on and enabled by the Group's overarching business strategy.

  • Maintain strong relationships: The Group considers it a basic prerequisite to maintain the strong relationships and partnerships that the subsidiaries Bergsala, Amo Toys and Nordic Game Supply have with brand owners and customers if it is to continue to obtain and negotiate favourable agreements and gain access to the strongest brands globally. 
  • New agreements: The Group intends to increase the number of brands in the business segment's existing portfolio in order to reach new consumer groups within Amo Toys and Nordic Game Supply. Furthermore, the Group intends to introduce a strategic focus on the board game market, which the Group believes will show great growth potential in the coming years. 
  • Proprietary brands: The Group is working strategically to develop and strengthen the brands owned by Amo Toys and Nordic Game Supply. The Group believes that this will further improve the business segment's profitability and further increase the subsidiaries' control over the supply chain. 
  • Strengthen the Group: The Group intends to allocate operating cash flows from the distribution operations to enable investments in the Games business segment while making such investments in a responsible manner with no adverse impact on the distribution operations.