The audit committee is comprised of the board member Mats Lönnqvist, also chairman of the committee, and the chairman of the board Patrick Svensk.

The audit committee shall, without it affecting the Board’s responsibilities and tasks in general, monitor the Company’s and Group’s financial reporting, monitor the efficiency of the Company’s and the Group’s internal control, internal auditing (if such a function is established in the future) and risk management, keep informed about the auditing of the annual report and combined financial statements as well as the conclusions of the Audit Inspectorate’s quality control. The committee shall also review and monitor the auditor’s impartiality and independence, and pay close attention to whether the auditor provides the Company with services other than auditing services. To the extent that the nomination committee is not assigned this task, the audit committee shall also assist in the preparation of proposals for the general meeting’s decision of the election of auditors.


The remuneration committee is comprised of the board members Patrick Svensk (chairman of the board and chairman of the committee) as well as member of the board Owe Bergsten. The remuneration committee’s role is mainly to prepare the Board of Director’s decisions in matters concerning (i) remuneration principles, remuneration and other terms of employment for the group management, (ii) to monitor and evaluate ongoing and during the year completed programs for variable remuneration to the group management, and (iii) monitor and evaluate the application of any guidelines for remuneration to senior executives which the general meeting has adopted as well as current remuneration structures and remuneration levels.