Board of Directors

According to the company's articles of association, the board shall consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight ordinary members, not counting deputies.

The company's board currently consists of five ordinary members, including the chairman of the board. All board members are elected for the period until the end of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

       Independent in relation to  
Name Position Board
The Company
and the group
Major shareholders  Holdings in
the Company *
Mats Lönnqvist  Chairman 2020 Yes Yes 136,879 S
Owe Bergsten  Board member  2019 Yes  No  34,285,000 S**
Tomas Franzén  Board member  2020 Yes  Yes  136,879 S
Oskar Burman  Board member  2020 Yes  Yes  84,175 W (ii)
Cecilia Ogvall  Board member  2020 Yes Yes 84,175 W (ii)

* Refers to shares (”S”) and warrants series 2020/2023 (ii) (”W (ii)”) issued under the Company’s incentive program, held in their own name as well as by affiliated natural and legal persons.
** Through Bergsala Holding AB, which is 80 per cent owned by Owe Bergsten.

Mats Lönnqvist

Mats Lönnqvist

Chairman of the Board since 2020

Born: 1954

Education: Master of Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics

Background: Over 30 years of experience from work in senior positions in economics and finance in international groups. Lönnqvist has, among other things, been CFO and Deputy CEO of the listed companies Biacore, Esselte and SAS, as well as the state-owned companies Securum and Postnord. Lönnqvist has extensive experience of board work and chairmanship from both privately owned and listed companies in Sweden and abroad. Since 2015, Lönnqvist has been working full time with his board assignments.

Other ongoing assignments (in selection): Chairman of 21 Grams AB, 21 Grams Holding AB, Hydroscand Group AB, Ovacon AB and Spendrup Holding AB. Board member of, among others, BAM Intressenter AB, Bordsjö Skogar AB, Norva 23 Holding AB, Porall AB, Prosera Security Holding AB, Solkompaniet Sverige AB and Tagehus Holding AB. President of Resolvator Aktiebolag.

Favorite Thunderful game: SteamWorld Quest
Other favorite games: Pikmin 3

Owe Bergsten

Owe Bergsten

Board member since 2019

Education: A selection of master's engineering courses at Chalmers University of Technology.

Background: Founded Bergsala in 1976 together with Lars-Göran Larsson, and has been active in Bergsala since the start.

Other ongoing assignments: Chairman of the Board of Handic Trading AB, Havsskatten AB and Ontopgames AB. Board member of Logi & Bastu at Käringön AB and Orrviken Invest Aktiebolag.

Favorite Thunderful game: SteamWorld Dig
Other favorite games: Zelda: Wind Waker

Tomas Franzén

Tomas Franzén

Board member since 2020

Born: 1962

Education: Master of Science in Engineering at Linköping University

Background: Many years of experience as CEO and Chairman of the Board within the Bonnier Group, Com Hem, Eniro and Song Networks (later TDC). Franzén is currently a professional board member and holds a number of positions in both listed and private companies.

Other ongoing assignments (in selection): Chairman of the Board of AB Dagens Nyheter, AB Kvällstidningen Expressen, BOLD Printing Malmö AB, Bonnier Business Media Sweden AB, Bonnier Magazines & Brands AB, Bonnier News Group AB, Bonnier News Local AB, Bonnier News Sweden AB, Dagens Industri Aktiebolag, Elajo Invest Aktiebolag (publ), Fibertjänst Holding AB, Helsingborgs Dagblad Aktiebolag, Sappa Holding AB, Sydsvenska Dagbladet Aktiebolag, Sydsvenska Dagbladets Försäljningsaktiebolag and Tidnings AB Marieberg. Board member of, among others, AIK Fotboll AB, Axel Johnson Aktiebolag, Bonnier Business Press AB, Den Digitala Väktaren i Sverige AB, Dustin Group AB, Hydroscand Group AB, Martin & Servera Aktiebolag, Ovacon AB, Safe Solutions CCTV Kameracentral AB and Zenterio AB (publ). President of TF Invest AB.

Favorite Thunderful game: Zombie Vikings
Other favorite games: Super Mario Odyssey

Oskar Burman

Oskar Burman

Board member since 2020

Born: 1975

Education: High school education

Background: Started working professionally in the gaming industry 25 years ago when he co-founded one of the first game developers in the Nordics, Unique Development Studios. Previous experience includes the start-up of Rovio's game studio in Stockholm, where he co-created Angry Birds 2, worked as Studio Manager at Avalanche Studios and was studio manager for Easy Studios, part of EA DICE.

Other ongoing assignments: Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Fast Travel Games AB. Board member of Stugan AB (svb).

Favorite Thunderful game: Stick it to the Man!
Other favorite games: Goldeneye 007

Cecilia Ogvall

Cecilia Ogvall

Board member since 2020

Born: 1966

Education: Bachelor of Laws at Uppsala University

Background: Many years of international experience as General Counsel at the financial services company Global Blue Group. Prior to that, lawyer at Advokatfirman Vinge and MAQS Advokatbyrå.

Other ongoing assignments: Partner in Cecilia Ogvall Handelsbolag.

Favorite Thunderful game: Anthill
Other favorite games: Picross