The management of Thunderful Group consists of people with many years of experience from the various business segments.

Name   Position Member of the group
management since*
Employed in the Company since Holdings in
the Company*
Brjann Sigurgeirsson CEO 2019 2019 5,375,000 S
Anders Maiqvist CFO 2019 2019 84,175 W (i)
Henrik Mathiasen Chief Distribution Officer 2019 2019 985,000 S
and 84,175 W (i)
Agostino Simonetta Chief Strategy & Investment Officer 2021 2021 0

* Regards Thunderful Group that was founded in December 2019. The members of the Group management have prior to that been involved in operations through the different subsidiaries.
** Refers to shares (”S”) and warrants series 2020/2023 (i) (”W (i)”) issued under the Company’s incentive program, held in their own name as well as by affiliated natural and legal persons.

Brjann Sigurgeirsson

Brjann Sigurgeirsson



CEO since 2019

Born: 1967

Education: Studies in graphic design at San Francisco City College, USA.

Previous experience (in selection): Founder of Image & Form and has a background as a writer and graphic designer at Koyosha Co. Sigurgeirsson also has experience as a game programmer at Subaru International.

Favorite Thunderful game: SteamWorld Heist

Other favorite games: Super Metroid


Anders Maiqvist

Anders Maiqvist



CFO since 2019

Born: 1983

Education: Master's degree in industrial economics at Chalmers University of Technology

Previous experience (in selection): CFO Bergsala Holding AB, Chief Financial Officer of People's Choice AB, Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer Prognosia

Favorite Thunderful game: Stick it to the Man
Other favorite games: Super Mario Bros. 3


Agostino Simonetta

Agostino Simonetta

Chief Strategy & Investment Officer

CSO since 2021

Born: 1976

Education: Studies in Philosophy & Psychology at the University of Genoa (ITA).

Previous experience (in selection): Former Director of the ID@Xbox Global Partnership Team, PlayStation Europe, SEGA Europe, THQ

Favorite Thunderful game: SteamWorld Dig 2
Favorite games: Halo 3, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Ico

Henrik Mathiasen

Henrik Mathiasen

Chief Distribution Officer


Chief Distribution Officer since 2019

Born: 1971

Bachelor of Philosophy in business at Aarhus Business College, Danmark

Previous experience (in selection): 
Co-founder of Nordic Game Supply, CEO of AMO Toys Scandinavia and CEO of The Games Factory ApS.

Favorite Thunderful game:
 The Gunk
Other favorite games:
Luigi's Mansion