Strategy for Thunderful Development

Development has, in the main, three strategic focus areas that are based on and enabled by the Group's overarching business strategy.

  • IP-centric development: The Group deems it important for its commercial success that current and future game development is consistent with what the Group and its community of players expect from a Thunderful game. The company strives to develop games with the potential to become a strong brand that can generate sequels, DLC and revenue over long periods of time. Moreover, the Group sees additional potential from gaming experiences and characters suited to develop in other mediums as well.

  • Platform agreements: The Group works strategically to develop its established relationships with platform owners and to proactively establish more, larger and more lucrative platform partnerships. In combination with strategic platform partnerships, the Group sees additional potential in the coming years in developing gaming experiences suited to new gaming solutions, such as streaming and subscription platforms.

  • Increased investments: The Group intends to allocate operating cash flows from the distribution operations to increase investments in game development and to enable more projects and faster game development. Furthermore, the Group will boost the organic growth with suitable add-on acquisitions.