Thunderful Group acquires game developer Guru Games

06 February 2020 · Attachments
Gothenburg-based Thunderful Group AB has acquired fourteen-man studio Guiding Rules Games AB.

Based in nearby Skövde, Guiding Rules Games - more commonly known as Guru Games - have become known for their versatility, creating their own games while also assisting other game developers.

“The acquisition should be seen as a clear sign of our ambition to continue to grow,” says Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Thunderful Group AB. “Thunderful is firmly rooted in Gothenburg. Expanding within the region is a natural step. Besides, our colleagues at Guru Games are technically very proficient, which was a decisive factor for us in this acquisition.”

Klaus Lyngeled, CCO at Thunderful, is also confident. “Together with our new colleagues we’ll create prototypes from strong game ideas, which means we’ll be able to develop games at a higher and more even cadence. The fact that we’ve known the folks at Guru Games for years of course helps a lot.”

Guru Games was founded in 2014 and has been run by CEO Daniel Ström ever since. Today they are a highly valued partner of a number of renowned Swedish games studios. “We’ve worked with Thunderful on a number of projects recently, and I think we’ve gotten to know each other quite well,” says Daniel. “I’m therefore sure we’re embarking on a great journey together!”

Thunderful Group AB already owns game developers Image & Form and Zoink, two successful veterans on the Swedish game development circuit. The Group also includes Thunderful Publishing with operations involving the publishing of games – and Thunderful Distribution, with operations in the distribution and sale of gaming consoles, games, gaming accessories and toys. The latter includes Bergsala AB, Amo Toys Nordic AB and Nordic Game Supply AB.