Thunderful Group moves head office to new central location in Gothenburg

02 February 2021 · Attachments
Swedish gaming powerhouse Thunderful Group ramps up, and moves into offices optimised for game development on Kvarnberget in central Gothenburg. The work force of around 100 people will start moving in during the first quarter of 2021.

Today Thunderful Group’s head office is located at Fjärde Långgatan in Gothenburg. The Gothenburg office is the hub of Thunderful Group’s development and publishing operations in the Nordics. The move to Kvarnberget improves the conditions for game development, and thus further strengthens the company’s position as the largest industry player in the exciting western region of Sweden. New address for the head office will be Kvarnbergsgatan 2.

“We’ve expanded our development and publishing operations rapidly over the last years. We’ve acquired game studios and opened new offices, but we’ve also grown organically here in Gothenburg. We’re already a world-class developer, and with the aim to continue our expansion, the new offices certainly is an important milestone along the way. When the opportunity arose to take over the lease for the building on Kvarnberget, we jumped on it. The large, modern premises are optimised for game development, and the location is as central as it gets. It’s perfect for us. Most of our employees are working from home right now, but long-term we believe the best ideas are developed in close collaboration. Apart from a few staff functions the new office will house our subsidiaries Thunderful Development AB and Thunderful Publishing AB. We’ll start moving in March,” says Thunderful CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson.

Aside from relocating the head office in Gothenburg, Thunderful Group is also moving the Kungsbacka office to Energigatan 19. The move will be done during the first and second quarters of 2021, and involves four Thunderful subsidiaries, among them Bergsala AB.