Lennart Sparud takes office as new CFO in Thunderful Group May 23

18 May 2022 · Attachments
Gothenburg-based gaming company Thunderful Group AB today announces that Lennart Sparud takes office as new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the company May 23. Sparud has served for many years as CFO at publicly listed Hexatronic Group.

Thunderful Group AB recently presented the recruitment of Lennart Sparud as new CFO, and today announces that he takes office on May 23, 2022. He thereby succeeds Anders Maiqvist, who going forward will focus on the company’s M&A processes.

Lennart Sparud is an experienced listed-company CFO, who among others has been highly involved in the work of taking Hexatronic Group from First North to the Nasdaq Mid Cap list. Thunderful Group is at the beginning of their growth trajectory, and expects to benefit from his experiences.

”Lennart joins us with long and solid experience from running listed growth companies,” says Thunderful Group CEO Brjánn Sigurgeirsson. ”Thunderful Group has grown rapidly in recent years, and we have a very exciting journey ahead of us. In the past year we’ve consistently strengthened the organisation in key areas, and our new CFO is a prime example of how we are building for the future.”